The James Miracle

"Rarely is a single book suitable for both children and adults. Either the adults battle boredom after the introduction, or children have to cover their eyes and ears periodically. Recently, a book appeared that is absolutely suitable for both. Adults find a novel of well-drawn characters, battling problems reflective of modern life. Children find James - a child just like other modern children; a child like themselves. The James Miracle persuades readers to put off a few other things; to settle in a chair with good light; to lose themselves in the ray of hope definite in the story. It interacts with the heart and refreshes the spirit. In the end it is about family, and the miracle a child always is."
Jan Ireland, Texas

"This story reached down into my soul and touched a very tender spot. I have not been moved by a story in the way that I was by this one in my entire life. This story should be shared with absolutely everyone. I cannot thank you enough for allowing me to read this story, and for allowing it to minister to me in a time of need. May God bless your efforts, as this is clearly inspired of Him!!"
Cherylann Hostler, New London, Pennsylvania

"I loved your book! I was hooked from the first paragraph. It flowed well. Your descriptions of people and places were great, just enough info to help me get a mental picutre, but not so much that I would start to lose interest. Good luck!"
Debi Fleming

"Thank you for letting me read this story. I loved it and found it very interesting. I couldn't stop reading until I was done."
-Julie Nuttall

"I could not put it down. The message is amazing. The characters are well set. This is very thought provoking and spiritual in nature. It makes you think about the importance of family. Thank you for sharing. I didn't get your approval but I sent it to a friend who just lost her 3 year old son. I really think she will benefit from it as well. Thanks for making my day!
-Melissa Munn

"Thank you for sharing your story with me. I really enjoyed reading it. The characters were real, I cared about them and what happened. I really am thankful for the story and think most definitely that other people would enjoy reading it too."
-Scott Lofgreen, Mankato, Minnesota

"From start to finish, The James Miracle took me on a tearful journey of self-discovery. A stirring reminder that God is always watching over His children, The James Miracle gave me with an even stronger resolve that miracles are all around us, and left me wanting to become a better person."
-Sherry Ann Miller, aka "The Writer of Miracles"
Search for the Bark Warwick, (Granite Publishing, 2004)
The Tyee's Gift (Granite Publishing, late 2004)
An Angel's Gift (Granite Publishing, 2003)
Gardenia Sunrise (Granite Publishing, 2001)
One Last Gift (Granite Publishing, 2000)

I finished reading your book just a few minutes ago. Gut reaction - THANK YOU!!! Thank you for sharing it with me. A wonderful book. Tears in my eyes. Please go forward and get it published. Best wishes and may God bless!"
-Natalie in Utah

"I meant to read only half the book before going to bed, but I couldn't stop. I was drawn inexorably into the story, and I'm not that easy to hook. The last few pages brought tears to my eyes. It's a tremendously moving story. And, best of all, it's not saccharine."
-Beth Bentley, Woodsboro, MD

"I sat down and read The James Miracle straight through.  I cried and cried.  It is a touching story that truly means something.  I highly recommend it."
-Councilor Ginger Eldridge (City Councilor, Bosque Farms City Council, New Mexico)

The James Miracle is truly a phenomenal story. I read it straight through the first time, and wanted to read it again. It's message is inspirational.
-Jill Ence, Chandler, Arizona

"I got it! It touched my soul and my emotions. I think this book belongs in bookstores. Thank you for sharing with us!"
-Tabitha Valencic

I love your book. It is wonderful. I couldn't stop reading. Couldn't stop crying either.

"I really enjoyed The James Miracle!  Great story with a great message.  I hope many people read it and that we'll all be better spouses and parents and people for having read it."
-Melanie Ferguson, Texas

"Thank you for the sneak peek! I found The James Miracle most inspirational and I for one will be recommending it to friends and family."
-Randa Farnsworth, Mesa, Arizona

"I was completely involved in what was happening to the characters. More importantly, Mr Wright reminds us that people are precious and time is short. He encourages us to spend more time with those we love.. A thoroughly enjoyable story.
-Patti Fairbourn, Orangevale, California.


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