The James Miracle

Jason Wright is a political and public policy consultant and is the president of The Institute for Liberty, a non-profit think-tank based in northern Virginia. He writes opinion editorial articles on pop culture, policy, and politics have appeared in over 50 newspapers and magazines across the United States including The Washington Times, The Chicago Tribune and Forbes.

He is the author of two books, The James Miracle (2004) and Christmas Jars (2005). He also edited and appeared in Americans on Politics, Policy, and Pop Culture: The 101 Best Opinion Editorials From (2005).
Mr. Wright is also an accomplished, award winning speaker who has spoken before thousands on creative writing, conservatism, and social issues. In 2000 he was a candidate for the Republican nomination for United States Congress (UT-3).

He has appeared in several movies, television shows, and commercials and has been seen on most major cable news channels and C-SPAN.

He lives in Fairfax, Virginia with his wife Kodi and their three children: Oakli, Jadi and Kason.


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